How We Work

Fumigation and sterilisation certificate

Safety is important. For this reason we always and only work in compliance with current laws. We can provide all certificates regarding our goods.

Each shipment is disinfected at origin according to legal criteria and further sprayed before final shipment, in compliance with the provisions of point 8.9 of Italian Ministerial Decree of 5.2.1998.

Shipments are checked periodically through random bacterial testing.

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The selected goods are taken to the packaging department where they are carefully prepared for shipment.

The goods are usually delivered in small compressed bales of various weights, from 45 kg to 65 kg, but they can also be provided in larger bales of up to 400 kg.

We place various types of products in our bales (linen, trousers, sweaters, etc.) according to standard content compositions which all cost the same price.

If required by the customer, it is possible to customise the standard composition slightly, without changing the price.

We can also supply other types of packaging requested by the customer, and we offer valuable help where transport is needed all the way to the destination.

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Information Notice

  • Photographs are to be considered guideline only.
  • Delivery times depend on the quantity and type of items.
  • The recipient is always responsible for transport and bears the cost of the same.
  • We draw up estimates on request and costs vary according to the quantity of the goods and the country of destination..
  • Goods are delivered with an invoice. Goods transferred within the Community to countries belonging to the EEC for entitled parties or non-community countries, shall be exempt from additional Italian costs (VAT).
  • Your order will only be delivered once we have received the money transfer on our current account


Drawing from the over-a-century-long experience and the significant numbers of the Prato textile district, the idea and need to create Corertex, a consortium focused on textile reuse and recycling, arise. Within the consortium, Euroclothing is one of the eight participating companies, six of which are active in reuse and two in textile recycling. Raffaello De Salvo is the president of the consortium. This initiative is developed in response to the green shift promoted by the European Union, aiming to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions within the textile industry.

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