About Us

Wholesale used clothes

For more than 20 years we have been selecting, exporting and supplying used clothes and textile raw materials worldwide, wherever these items are required.

We are present on South American, African, Eastern European and Asian markets.

We strongly believe that quality-price ratio is critically important in the type of work we do.

For this reason, we sell by the Kg, not by item.

Our goods are sold in bales of varying weights in which we add a standard composition of various second-hand clothes items.

The bales can be tailored to a certain extent at the customer’s request: for example, it is possible to leave out a particular type of product or vary the quantity of certain types of garment. However, the price is always the same, and is always affordable!

We know just how important the pennies are…

Pay less with bigger orders

To cut down on shipping and transport costs, it is worth making big orders so that transport costs will be proportionally reduced. The costs depend on the quantity of goods shipped as well as the country of destination. Read our information notice or contact us directly to find out more.