Second-hand clothing at competitive prices

We have twenty years’ experience in the retail of second-hand clothing items: we select and export used clothes and textile raw materials to most countries around the world.

We are present in South America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia. Although each country requests different types of clothes and products, we are successful in meeting all their needs.

The selected goods are placed in bales of varying weights containing different types of products and having different weights, from 45 kg to 400 kg.

We place a standard composition of contents in each bale and this content can be partly tailored to needs on request.

The bigger the orders are, the less you pay!

We ship all over the world

We ship all over the world, with different transport costs, which are reduced significantly for large orders.

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Our products

Summer Clothes

We have added all clothes suitable for warm, tropical climates to this section.

Winter Clothes

In the winter section you can find clothes suitable for cold temperatures and average winters. We have items made of various materials, including heavy cotton, velvet, blended wool and acrylic.

Household Linen

We have a huge section dedicated to household linen, whether for the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom.


Our toys section mainly contains soft toys (around 90% of all toys) of different shapes and sizes, but there are also balls, board games, building blocks and toy cars.

For more than 20 years we have been exporting used clothes and textile raw materials worldwide.


Drawing from the over-a-century-long experience and the significant numbers of the Prato textile district, the idea and need to create Corertex, a consortium focused on textile reuse and recycling, arise. Within the consortium, Euroclothing is one of the eight participating companies, six of which are active in reuse and two in textile recycling. Raffaello De Salvo is the president of the consortium. This initiative is developed in response to the green shift promoted by the European Union, aiming to provide environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions within the textile industry.

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